Shajapur’s Rudrashweri Devi Temple


A 31 year old article on “Rudrashweri Devi Temple”

Originally posted on Aap Ki Kalam Se (a collection):

An article published on Sunday- April-10, 1983 in “Danik Bhaskar – Bhopal”  about “Rudrashweri Devi Temple” commonly known as “Rodeshwari Devi” .


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Contribution of Shajapur District (M.P.) in The Indian Independence and Reform Movements

Contribution of Shajapur District (M.P.) in The Indian Independence and Reform Movements : 1901-1950 is a comprehensive account of the history of Shajapur district and contribution of its people in India’s anti-imperialist movement.


This book chronicles authors deep dive into the history of Shajapur to provide a complete and sequenced historical information on events in Shajapur district during freedom struggle against the colonial powers and related reform movements in various arenas such as social, political, cultural and religious. With detailed information on rich cultural heritage of Shajapur district , book also provides excerpts of author’s interviews with some of the freedom fighters who shaped this history.

This book is available on  Amazon India , Amazon USA ,  Flipkart.

Ancient Jain Caves in Shajapur

An article published in “Arhat Bachan by Kundkund Gyanpheeth” on “Ancient Jain Caves in Shajapur” in April-1995. It was authored by Prof. Shachindra Upadhyaya and Dr. Richa Upadhyaya.


Ancient Jain Caves in Shajapur

Madhavrao Shinde (Former Gwalior State) and his administration – 1876 to 1925

Madho Maharaj is a name that people remember with a lot of respect even today. Since the author Prof. Upadhyaya was born and brought up in the Gwalior Region only, he had witnessed profound respect of the people towards Madho Maharaj . So it was very obvious for him to research and reveal more about great work done by Madho Maharaj for the betterment of the people. This book is all about author s journey and a deep dive into past to explore and unfold more about life, the personality, reforms and achievements of Late Maharaja Madhav Rao Scinida.

Madhavrao Shinde (Former Gwalior State) and his administration



This book is available on  Amazon India , Amazon USA ,  Flipkart OM Books and Infi Beam.


Amarkantak: A combination of natural beauty and art

An article on Amarkantak (अमरकंटक) ( a pilgrim town and a nagar panchayat in Anuppur District in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India) by Prof. Shachindra Upadhyaya.



Shajapur: From Past to Present

A leading article authored by Prof. Shachindra Upadhyaya on Shajapur which was published in Puratatab Magazine “Antarang Shajapur“.



Pandav Khowah Shajapur

An article published about history and present condition of Pandav Khowah on April-28, 1983 in Swadesh-Indore. This place is very close to Shajapur.



Panwadi(Shajapur) NSS Camp – 1989

Newspaper clippings from Danik Bhaskar highlighting function on closing ceremony of NSS camp  in Panwadi(Shajapur) on November-03, 1989.  Picture of occasion shows smiling faces as Prof. Shachindra Upadhyaya is being presented with “Recognition Letter” for all his work by “Sarpanch of Panwadi” on behalf of the people.



Karera-Shivpuri (M.P.)

An article published in Nav-Bharat (Indore) on Feburary-27-1983 (30 years back) and authored by Prof. Shachindra Upadhyaya. Article provides some unknown facts about place “Karera”, which is now part of Shivpuri District (M.P.)


SitKhadi Shilalekh Shajapur

An article published in Naudunia on October-09, 1987  by Prof. Upadhyaya about Sitkhadi Shilalekh (Inscription). Sitakhadi village is situated at distance of  16KM from Shajapur.

Saitkhadi Shilalekh Shajapur



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